AI Features

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in another step closer to operational efficiency and productivity.

Powerful AI algorithms have a significant impact on system operations and administration. When aggregated, normalised, contextualised and correlated at scale, this data becomes a rich source to derive insights and brings the power of anomaly detection, predictive intelligence and capacity planning to ease your life.

Anomaly Detection

The platform automatically baselines based on daily, weekly or seasonal trend patterns and usage based on a combination of statistical and unsupervised machine learning models. You can now create correlated anomaly detectors on varied metrics, for an application transaction flow. You can now tag anomalies to tag critical incidents or create correlated anomaly detectors affecting user experience, enabling you to troubleshoot super fast across the system

Predictive Intelligence

Predictive analytics models analyse historical data to make predictions about future incidents such as storage space utilisation, transaction volume spikes, user experience impact and more. Such predictive analysis provides all the relevant context required for operators to take better informed decisions. The platform learns over time with built in feedback loops to provide more precise and accurate answers progressively.

Get Access to our Data Science Team

Majority of big data and AI hype fails in real-world, large scale installations, due to lack of data quality and domain knowledge. Our Professional Services Data Analytics team, consists of multi disciplinary data scientists, cutting across data analytics, vertical know-how and IT operational domains. We leverage the huge body of knowledge and use cases that we have built on wide variety of data sets and verticals ranging from BFSI to Manufacturing. Our team works closely with you to create appropriate contextual work flows, study usage patterns and fine tune ML algorithms to infuse intelligence into your operations and business.