vuApp Analytics

Immediate Incident Resolution is key

A centralized end-to-end user transaction map across all the applications with storyboards and granular metric level data drill downs, business KPIs, correlated and contextual alerts and so much more on vuApp - A big data analytics platform. All of this to help you take faster informed decisions.

Unified User Transaction Maps

Map user journeys into transaction flows cutting across business, application, compute, network and storage components. Create smart maps in a jiffy, linking your ingested data on the fly. Identify user experience issues and causes using intuitive KPIs on accurate and smart transaction maps, superior than any other tool in the industry. The more you use it, the more you will fall in love with it and know what you have always been missing so far!

Storyboards that connect the dots

Transform data and insights into moments of discoveries. Be the master storyteller in your organization. Create interactive storyboards with drag-and-drop of various widgets, ensuring visibility of all critical metrics on a single view. Leverage pre-built templates developed using best practices of big data visualization. Data correlation from heterogeneous sources for faster incident identification, resolution and contextual insights have never been easier. Get detailed drill through reports to the lowest granular level data.

Contextual Alerts

Most of the Non-contextual alerts amount to noise for the respective stakeholders. Using our powerful correlation algorithm that uses a combination of multi-dimensional attributes, we have seen over 70% reduction in alert noise. Seamless integration of alerts with ITSM tools and auto-remediation for faster resolution. Unified alert view showcasing all service disturbances, anomalies and issues across customer journey along with context is not only insightful but saves time in further digging through the related information. Turn your organization from highly reactive to smartly proactive!


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