VuNet Certification

to go on a fast track

Becoming VuNet certified allows you to differentiate yourself and your company in an increasingly competitive market. You’ll instantly gain recognition and credibility within the Big Data space and the greater AI industry.

Certification Levels

All our courses involve real world use cases with hands-on solutioning assignments. It is designed to make sure that you are proficient in big data and AI and to enable you to develop solutions using vuSmartMapsTM platform for varied scenarios.



Duration: 3 days

  • Enables you to use vuSmartMapsTM to develop solutions.
  • You would be able to bring in data from sources, create unified views, powerful storyboards and correlated alerts for faster trouble shooting and proactive incident management.
  • You will also learn basics of big data analytics, techniques and best practices for various monitoring and alerting considerations at scale in complex distributed environments.


Duration: 5 days

  • Setup your own data sources, transform data, add context and cross correlate across other data sources.
  • Explore deeper on the various use cases that can be created for various roles from IT operations to CXOs.
  • Perform interactive analytics using a combination of powerful storyboards and correlated alerts.
  • Play with advanced cluster management features to fine tune the platform to work at scale of peta bytes.


Duration: 5 days

  • Play with your own data source work flow adapters.
  • Design and create data ingestion pipelines.
  • Understand the intricacies of data pipelines which cleans, validates, cross correlates data.
  • Explore creative ways of showcasing insights and play with advanced visualisations.
  • Fine tune machine learning algorithms for your environment.

Training Benefits!

Big Data for Everyone


Get Promoted to a Data Scientist

We believe data analysis in an essential skill for everyone. We have put a lot of thought into creating the courses and materials to enable you to learn big data concepts and its esoteric language from medians, percentiles, aggregations to fine tuning machine learning algorithms and to apply them in real world scenarios.


Share and Collaborate More

You can now work together with your bigger team in more creative ways. Have more data driven conversations with management and business teams and share tips, storyboards, reports to your peers and others!


Create Communities And Share Knowledge

Be part of a bigger community of the VuNet Certified team and share your knowledge, best practices, troubleshooting tips and your magical moments with data!