vuLog Analytics

Uncover Actionable data

Unified platform that can crunch Peta Bytes of logs from any data source. Visualize and explore data with unparallel ease with no tradeoff between scale and speed

Largest Integration Library

Choose from our pre-built massive adapter library for more than 500+ log sources, from syslogs, windows event logs, data base logs to application logs. Instantly configure log sources with our pre-packaged adapters, storyboards and alerts for a wide variety of use cases from troubleshooting, configuration change analytics to security audits and compliances.

Workflow Adapter

Easily integrate your non-standard data sources, logs and other unstructured data. Our workflow plugins have a combination of semantic analyzer and user transaction states, making it extremely easy for you to break down even complex application logs into user session journeys and states. Built-in pipeline that helps ingest, clean, validate and to add more context using a combination of static, dynamic enrichments and meta tagging.


Sample Log Modules