One single solution across hybrid cloud and traditional infrastructures

Break all your silos across varied traditional monitoring tools and get a comprehensive IT Operations dashboard as single pane of glass covering cloud to virtualized compute, network and storage. With bi-directional integration to ITSM systems, now leverage analytics at scale. The unified IT Operational big data lake enables correlation of contextual alerts with ticket resolution times and analyses relevant metrics for varied scenarios from faster troubleshooting to better capacity planning.

Unified Monitoring

Platform comes pre-packaged with 500+ adapters which covers most of the common data sources from network, server, firewalls, databases, load balancers, middleware to storage components from physical to virtualised and your favourite cloud platforms from AWS to Azure. You can easily create new plugins and customise for any other data source and ingest any data from SNMP to CLI based text. Combine it with our other vuLog and vuApp modules, you will now get the complete visibility with a business service centric integrated platform.

Say no to the rest of your silo-ed tools, when you can just do with one!

Create more Insights

Free yourself from the clutches of your traditional monitoring and various silo-ed tools into much more innovative uses of your data from a single platform. With access to months of data, more accurate and connected, you now have all the power to plan better for your workload optimisations. Analyse granular usage patterns, uptime, downtimes metrics in a fresh way with slice and dice across multiple dimensions of business and off peak hours, time, geo location, business impact to user segments and create insightful reports to your operational and business teams. You can only stop, when you run out of ideas! Create all the narrative required to convince your leaders from optimisation to resource planning!


Correlated Alerts

Every alert in the platform has context to provide you with all the information to take critical decisions in real time, from troubleshooting to remediation. Alerts are run through pipelines, which enrich and add context before they are notified to you. So the next time, application performance has issues, the alerts would not only be able to proactively identify the issue, but also carry information on what else has been happening across the system, from network, database, middleware to cloud incidents. This saves hours of your time in logging into different devices, tools and consoles for identifying the issue better.

Run Book Automation

An analytics driven automation framework makes auto remediation across varied infrastructure and application elements simpler. Create a library of run book execution playbooks as an author with vuSmartLibrary. It brings in all the cross-tier context triggers required for execution of the playbooks. Further operational efficiency and productivity is achieved with more control and automation of repetitive and guided tasks.

Build a Knowledge Base

A cloud repository all the hidden data in your tickets correlated with your alerts can be maintained. We call this bi-directional integration with your ITSM and ticketing systems. This brings in more context and creates feedback loops to alerts with tickets to constantly build a knowledge base of past history of metrics such as frequency, mean time to resolve, root cause analysis and more. Platform comes integrated with popular ITSM tools like Jira, PagerDuty, Slack, BMC Remedy, OTRS and more, with provisions for additional analytics to measure metrics from volume of tickets, top categories to turn around times to improve overall team’s benchmarks.

Representative Use Cases

Server, Database Visibility and Storage

Network Visibility augmented by Netflow

Middleware and Big Data Systems

Cloud Monitoring