Uncover Actionable data

Unified platform, incomparable with log analysis tools in the market, that can crunch Petabytes of logs across all integrated data source. Visualize and explore data with unparalleled ease and no need to take a tradeoff between scale and speed.

Largest Integration Library

Choose from our pre-built massive adapter library of more than 500+ log sources. Our varied log sources, right from sys- logs, windows event logs, database logs to application logs provide an enormous opportunity to draw actionable insights from them. Instantly configure log sources with our pre-packaged adapters, storyboards and alerts for a wide variety of use cases from troubleshooting, configuration change analytics to security audits and compliances.

Workflow Adapter

Easily integrate your non-standard data sources, logs and other unstructured data. Our workflow plugins have a combination of semantic analyzer and user transaction states, making it extremely easy for you to break down even complex application logs into user session journeys and states. Built-in pipeline that helps ingest, clean, validate and to add more context using a combination of static, dynamic enrichments and meta tagging.



Platform comes with integrations with most other common systems - from SIEM to popular data warehouses. Our integrations also support bi-directional communication with REST APIs optimised for scale to enable building additional custom use cases on the platform that best suits organizational needs.

Interactive Analytics

Transform the way your company uses data and use our powerful semantic, syntactic analysers to transform logs to insights in less than a second. You can now send any data into the platform from application, network, configuration change events, security, audit logs, message queues, API events and more. Get powerful insights with every click, with real time searches, drill downs to track transactions and sequences, move back and forth in time, advanced visualisations and also transform them into insightful alerts and reports.

Enterprise Grade Security

Enterprise grade and role based controls for fine grained permissions to ensure only authorised user access to the right set of data. Enabled with additional security features to mask personal identity information during data sharing and configurations made available to send encrypted logs and metrics on the wire. Additional auditing ensures full transparency and traceability to the source ensuring a secure, trusted usage across the organisation.

Representative Use Cases


Windows Event Logs


Sys Logs


App Logs


Activity Logs